Poetry for Events

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Some events are so special, they require poetry:

When I take out my typewriter to write a poem for someone, a magical thing happens: people suddenly begin to tell me their dreams, their deepest desires, hopes, fears and fantasies. In everyone’s heart is a longing to reveal the poetry of their everyday life and that is exactly what a poet can do. I believe words have power and that poetry is a mysterious path. I turn to it in times of great joy and sorrow, and in my daily life it has proven to manifest great love and connection.

If you are planning a special event that could use a dose of spontaneous and experiential magic, you may be in need of a poet like me. I love to meet new people, to find out what makes them special, to find the natural poetry in their life and to make the power of poetry accessible for everyone by writing a unique, and personal poem for them to keep.

If you are interested in having a poet be a part of your event, contact me with the details of your event. Please provide me with the basic information including: date, time, location, and number of guests.

What is the experience like?: I like to ask a few questions to get to the heart of who a person is and then the poem begins to write itself. I find a good poem always touches the heart.

What I supply: A live poet and her typewriter, with special papers for unique poems that guests get to keep and take home.

Where I travel: San Francisco Bay Area.

My Typewriters: I like the color blue… Royal dark blue and Remington Baby Blue portable typewriters:

















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